IEBC withholds Didmus Barasa certificates

Didmus Barasa exited Jubilee Party in 2021 and joined the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) with the intention of vying for the Kimilili Constituency parliamentary seat in 2022. Why is IEBC withholding Didmus Barasa certificates?

Didmus Barasa certificates SRC: @Swala Nyeti
Didmus Wekesa Barasa SRC: @Swala Nyeti

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On August 9, 2022 after the polls closed, a manhunt for Didmus was launched after a shooting incident of Brian Khaemba’s security guard. Before the shooting, there was a heated competition between Didmus himself and his competitors; Brian Khaemba and Suleiman Murunga.

Why IEBC is withholding Didmus Barasa certificates

The presiding officer had on Thursday announced that Didmus Barasa was the leading candidate with 26, 861 votes, as compared to his competitor Brian Khaemba who had 9, 497 votes. It is after this that the three competitors got into an argument that led to the shooting.

After the incident, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji asked the police to arrest him. However, they didn’t manage as Didmus had fled to the neighboring country, Uganda.

On Thursday 11, the IEBC said that they will not hand over Dismus Barasa Certificates to his representative until he presents himself to the tallying center physically.

What had happened earlier

Didmus Barasa was accused of shooting Brian Khaemba’s security guard at Chebukwabi polling station where the votes were being counted.

DCI Joseph Ondoro said they were looking for Didmus Barasa for grilling over the killing incident.

“He has run away but we are looking for him. Let him surrender,” he said.

“We suspect he took a motorcycle towards Uganda but we will get him. He is yet to be arrested.” 

Murunga also asked the IEBC Chairperson Chebukati to nullify the results and allow them repeat the elections.

“We want IEBC chair to call off these results of Kimilili MP seat since what happened was an electoral offence,” he said.

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The IEBC will continue withholding Didmus Barasa certificates until he presents himself to the tallying centre physically. Read our daily articles and know new stories as they come.



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