Ida Odinga biography, age, tribe, family, education, career, husband, children, net worth

Ida Odinga is one of the most powerful women in Kenya. This is because she has greatly contributed to health, education, peace, and women’s’ agenda in the country. Besides, she has also been involved in many projects including Breast cancer and Fistula awareness campaigns. Ida Odinga biography reveals all you may have wanted to know about her.

Ida Odinga biography SRC: @Swala Nyeti
Ida Odinga SRC: @Swala Nyeti

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Former Prime Mnister Raila Odinga’s wife is also a businessperson, an activist and an educator who has mentored many young girls in the country.

Ida Odinga profile

Real name:         Ida Anyango Oyoo

Place of birth:   Migori, Kenya

Date of birth:    August 24, 1950

Zodiac Sign:    Virgo

Gender:            Female

Religion:          Christian

Ida Odinga tribe: Luo

Ida Odinga parents: The late Mr and Mrs Oyoo

Siblings:           5

Ida Odinga husband: Raila Odinga

Ida Odinga children: 4        

Profession:    An entrepreneur, An Activist, A teacher

Ida Odinga biography

The wife to the first Prime Minister Kenya was born as Ida Anyango Oyoo to her parents, the Late Mr and Mrs Oyoo in Migori County. Her father was a renowned doctor in Kisii whiles her mother a nurse. Unfortunately, Ida Odinga’s father, Nehemiah Oyoo, died when Ida was only six years.

Ida Odinga biography SRC: @Kelebrityi
Raila Odinga’s wife, Ida Odinga SRC: @Kelebrity

Ida Odinga age

How old is Ida Odinga? Ida was born in 1950 in Migori County. She is therefore 74 years as of 2024. Ida Odinga birthday is on 24 August of every year. Is Ida Odinga a Luhya?

Ida Odinga tribe

Ida was born in Migori County, Nyanza region. Her middle name, Anyango, hints us of her ancestral roots. Moreover, her father’s second name proves that she is of the Luo tribe. Who are Ida Odinga siblings?

More about Ida Odinga family

Ida Odinga’s mother, Rose Ayuya, was blessed with six children with Ida being one of them. She however raised her children with difficult as her husband died six years after Ida’s birth.

Her educational background and career

After sitting for her final primary exams, Ida joined Ogande Girls for her high school education. She then enrolled at the University of Nairobi, and pursued a Degree in Bachelor Education Arts and graduated in 1974.

After graduating, Ida worked as a classroom teacher in a number of schools including Kenya High. Her teaching career however ended after she was sacked because of her husband’s persistent Disagreement with Moi’s KANU Regime.

Ida Odinga husband

Anyango met with her husband, Raila Odinga while schooling at the University of Nairobi. They then dated for a couple of months after which they tied a knot on September 1, 1973. The two have since then stayed together through thick and thin.

Ida posing for a photo with her husband Raila Odinga SRC: @Education Trends
Ida posing for a photo with her husband Raila Odinga SRC: @Education Trends

Who are Ida Odinga children?

Raila and his wife Ida are blessed with two sons and two daughters namely;Fidel Odinga, Raila Oding’a Junior, Winnie Odinga, and Rosemary Odinga. Unfortunately, they lost their firstborn son Fidel Odinga in 2015.

Raila Odinga with her children and grand children SRC: @Facebook
Raila Odinga with her children and grand children SRC: @Facebook

Ida Odinga net worth

Apart from being married to one of the most powerful politicians in Kenya, Ida is also an entrepreneur who runs multimillion businesses. Besides, she has won awards on education, peace, boy and girl child empowerment, and women’s needs. Her net worth is approximated at $600,000 as of 2024

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Ida Odinga biography indeed proves that with determination everything is possible. Read our daily articles and know new stories as they come every minute every second.



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