Ezekiel Machogu Net Worth, Salary, Sources of Wealth, Investments and Luxury Possessions

Ezekiel Ombaki Machogu is the current Education Cabinet Secretary under President Ruto’s administration. He has a rich and diverse career spanning over 38 years and beyond his political achievements, Machogu is known for his substantial wealth, acquired through investments in real estate and various governmental roles. This article delves into Ezekiel Machogu’s net worth, salary, sources of wealth, as well as his notable investments and luxury possessions.

Ezekiel Machogu Net Worth, Salary, Sources of Wealth, Investments
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During his vetting by the National Assembly’s Committee on Appointments, Machogu attributed his wealth accumulation to his salary, alongside land acquisitions, residential property ownership, and luxury vehicle possession.

Ezekiel Machogu Net Worth and Sources of Wealth

Ezekiel Machogu’s net worth is estimated at an impressive Ksh.590 million.  

His fortunes trace back to the 80s, primarily fueled by lucrative investments in real estate.

Machogu owns commercial properties in key locations such as Jogoo Road, Pangani, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, near Yaya Centre, and Ngong Road in Nairobi.

Additionally, he possesses substantial land holdings, with 30 acres in Kisii County, a quarter acre on Ngong Road, and a parcel of land in Shanzu, Mombasa County.

Real Estate Portfolio

Machogu’s real estate portfolio includes seven residential apartments in Nairobi County, another in Mombasa, and undeveloped plots in Kisii and Ngong.

His strategic acquisitions reveal a keen understanding of the property market that has contributed significantly to his overall wealth.

Luxury Vehicles

Revealing his affluent lifestyle, Ezekiel Machogu disclosed ownership of top-of-the-range vehicles, including a Mercedes Benz and a Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

These luxury cars reflect his financial success and also his taste for high-end living.

CS Ezekiel Machogu salary per month

According to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, Machogu’s monthly salary as Education Cabinet Secretary is Ksh. 924,000.

This figure comprises a basic salary of Ksh. 554,000 and various allowances.

Ezekiel Machogu’s career has been marked by significant achievements, notably being recognized by the late President Daniel Moi for being the overall best-performing District Commissioner in the country.

He was the best, particularly in matters of education and development.

His service in more than eight counties, including Kimbu, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Nyandarua, Nakuru, Nandi, Busia, and Wajir, showcased his dedication to public service.

Ezekiel Machogu net worth built on astute real estate investments and a public service career, reflects a lifetime dedication and shrewd financial acumen.

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