Nuru Okanga Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Tribe and KCPE Marks

Nuru Okanga is a rising figure in Kenyan politics known as an unwavering supporter of Raila Odinga, the leader of the ODM party. Okanga has made a name for himself by consistently voicing his allegiance to the opposition leader while openly criticizing President William Ruto and his government. Here is Nuru Okanga Biography and his low-key personal life.  

Nuru Okanga Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Tribe and KCPE Marks
Photo: Nuru Okanga Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Tribe and KCPE Marks . SRC:@KenyanMoves

After successfully finishing his KCPE exam, the vocal political commentator is now eying for the Kholers Ward MCA seat in 2027.

Nuru Okanga biography and profile summary

Real nameNuru Okanga
Date of birth12th April, 1976
Age47 years as of Nov 2023
Marital statusMarried
EducationMumias Muslim Primary

Early Life and Background

Nuru Okanga hails from Kayole, a suburb of Nairobi.

Despite his public visibility, Okanga has managed to keep his family life private.

He was born into a Luhya family from the Western Region of Kenya, specifically Kakamega County.  

Okanga’s journey in life took an unexpected turn when he dropped out of school at the young age of grade 3. He grew up in a financially challenged family.

Nuru Okanga initially took up menial jobs such as herding cattle, earning a meagre income of Sh1,000 per month.

However, the challenges and low pay led him to abandon this occupation. Subsequently, he relocated to Nairobi, where he ventured into the construction sector as a worker.

Return to education

Nuru Okanga realized the importance of education for his political aspirations and made the courageous decision to return to school.

He attended Mumias Muslim Primary to sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in 2023. Despite having dropped out in grade 3.

In an interview, he expressed his motivation for going back to school.

“I went to school for a reason. I have much I need to know, and the government regulations require certificates. I will also pursue high school studies and sit for the national examinations.” Nuru Okanga

Nuru Okanga KCPE Results

After sitting for the KCPE exams in 2023, Nuru Okanga scored an impressive 401 marks.

The outstanding results positioned him to meet the minimal academic requirements for his political ambition of contesting the Kholera ward MCA seat in 2027.

Nuru Okanga wife, house, and family

Nuru Okanga has faced his fair share of challenges, including false information circulating about him.

In the past, rumours spread about his health and financial struggles, prompting fellow politician Hon. Peter Salasya to intervene and dispel the misinformation. Salasya later fulfilled a promise by assisting Okanga in establishing a 2-bedroom semi-permanent house in Kholera village, Kakamega County.

Despite maintaining privacy about his family life, it is known that Nuru Okanga is married to Imelda. The couple has a child together.

Beyond his political activities, Okanga has become a notable content creator on both TikTok and YouTube.

With over 850 videos on YouTube and more than 30,000 subscribers, he commands a substantial online audience, further amplifying his influence.

Political Commentary and Criticisms

Okanga is renowned for his bold criticism of key government figures, including President William Ruto, Hon. Oscar Sudi, and Esther Passaris.

Through his online platforms, he shares his views on political matters.

He now continues to navigate the complex world of Kenyan politics, with his unwavering support for Raila Odinga and his pursuit of education.  

Nuru Okanga biography signals a man with a vision for positive change in his community and beyond.

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