5 quick facts about Jare Ijalana, the most beautiful girl in the world

Jare Ijalana is a Nigerian born kid whose extraordinary look has left many talking on the internet. She first appeared on instagram in 2018 after her photographer shared her photo on her account. Surprisingly, the photo received several likes and comments congratulating her for her innocent beautiful look. How then did she get the title of the most beautiful girl in the world?

Jare Ijalana, the first African to win the Most beautiful girl in the world title SRC: @The Mileage

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Despite the saying ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,’ Jare’s case is exceptional. At the age of 5, everyone could recognize her irresistible natural beauty.  It is after this that Yahoo Lifestyle went ahead and named her the most beautiful girl in the world. What is Jare Ijalana eye color?

Interesting facts about the most beautiful girl in the world

From her instagram photo, many realized that the young girl’s eyes were so unique, taking the black, white, and blue colors. Know Jare Ijalana biography, age, parents, sisters, education, modelling career, and net worth now.

Jare Ijalana SRC: @DeeDee’s Blog

Quick facts about the most beautiful girl in the world

1. Jare Ijalana photographer is behind her success story

The beautiful damsel never thought of coming to the limelight at the age 5. However, luck struck her way after her photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa posted her photo on her instagram page. Since then, she has been attending a number of events such as London Fashion Week that have rewarded her well. The question then rises, how old is Jare Ijalana 2021?

The Nigerian model who has kept many talking SRC: @Nairobi News Now, @Pinterest

2. She was born in 2014

The little star was born in 2014 to her parents in Lagos, one of the biggest cities in Nigeria. She is 7 years old as of 2021. Jare Ijalana birthday is on January 1 every year.

3. She is the third born in her family

Jare Ijalana parents have three lovely daughters with Ijala being the last-born. The little angel has grown to make them proud after winning the title of the most beautiful girl in the world. Interestingly, she is the first African kid to win such a title.

Jare Ijalana family SRC: @Legit.ng

4. Jare Ijalana sisters are sharing the same instagram account with her

The young model has two elder sisters namely Joba and Jomiloju. Since their names also start with J, the three agreed to share the same instagram account where they call themselves, J3 sisters.

The model with her two elder sisters SRC: @YouTube, @Good Times

5. She is schooling with her sisters

Jare and her elder sisters are attending the same school. However, the girl is noticeable wherever she appears. Maybe this is the reason why her school remains unrevealed. Stay tuned as you know more.

Jare Ijalana net worth

Ever since her breakthrough, Jare is enjoying life with a big spoon. She has attended a number of events that have paid her well. Besides, Jare Ijalana awards are worth mentioning. Her net worth is $100,000

How does the young model look without make up?

After winning a number of awards, some started questioning if the girl’s beauty was real. They were however disapproved wrong after her mother posted Jare Ijalana without makeup photos on social media.

What about the most beautiful girl in the world real hair?

Jare Ijalana real hair is a beauty to stare. It perfectly blends with her sexy eyes and her dark skin colour. It seems God spent a good time in creating her. However, the sad truth about Jare Ijalana is that she has not won ambassadorial deals as the likes of Anastasia Knyazeva, who was once holding a title like hers.  

Jare showing her long black natural hair SRC: @Moment Broadcast

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Jare, the most beautiful girl in the world, is now having a number of followers in her social media platforms. Follow our daily articles and know new stories as they come every second.


More facts about Jare Ijalana SRC: @YouTube