Pastor Ezekiel Odero in hot soup after the CEO Milele Funeral Home revealed this

The CEO Milele Funeral Home Mr Johnson Amani Kea has revealed that they have been receiving several bodies from Pastor Ezekiel Odero Church. This is contrary to what the pastor said on Thursday 27, 2023 when he was arrested due to claims that he was also involved in massive killing of his followers.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero SRC: @Kenya Breakings
Pastor Ezekiel Odero SRC: @Kenya Breakings

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Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s claims

During his arrest, Pastor Ezekiel Odero claimed that Milele Funeral Home closed down due to his prayers. Ezekiel who seemed too confident stated that his church has not been dropping bodies to Milele mortuary.

The New Life Prayer Center preacher who is now in custody claimed that he was against the mortuary because it operated independently without a hospital or a dispensary.

“If you go down to Mavueni on your way to Mombasa, on your right-hand side, there is Milele Funeral Home. They don’t have a hospital, a dispensary, or a clinic, it is just a funeral home. And right there is a black spot. You die and they take you straight to the mortuary.

“Let me say it as it is. I was irked and I fasted, went with three bottles of holy water and threw them in the compound and it was closed after that,” Ezekiel said

Milele Funeral Home CEO’s remarks

During an interview with Chadi TV, the CEO Mr Johnson Amani Kea refuted claims that their mortuary closed down due to Pastor Ezekiel’s prayers. He further revealed that the mortuary is still working and they are even intending to expand it by establishing a hospital within the same compound.

CEO Johnson Amani and Pastor Ezekiel Odero SRC: @Tuko News, @Facebook
CEO Johnson Amani and Pastor Ezekiel SRC: @Tuko News, @Facebook

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Amani stated that the pastor is trying to defend himself while tainting their reputation. He then disclosed that they mortuary receives many bodies from Pastor Ezekiel Odero church every day.

“If I give you the total number of dead bodies we receive from the pastor’s church you will be shocked. People are dying in that church and they bring them to Milele Funeral Home and we just accept,” Mr Amani said.



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