Kenya again: Primrose Mwangi hacks Zimbambwean government and steals Ksh 14.8 Billion

A Kenyan woman, Primrose Mwangi has been accused of hacking the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef). Together with two others, it is reported that the trio used Zimdef’s authorisation codes to order the bank transfer KSh 14.8 billion into their own accounts.

Primrose Mwangi SRC: @Swala Nyeti
Primrose Nyeri Mwangi SRC: @Swala Nyeti

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Primrose Mwangi hacks Ksh. 14.6 billion from Zimbabwean government

Primrose who visited Zibwabwe as a tourist for one month is said to have collaborated with Prosper Hove, Gerald Pondai and few others to access the computer data systems of Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef). Primrose with her team used Zimdef’s authorisation codes to order the bank transfer KSh 14.8 billion into their own accounts.

The also transferred various amounts to other organisations; Atrier Engineering CBZ Bank, Newplaces (Pvt) Limited NBS Bank, Maffkett Trading’s Steward Bank account and Tavaka Holdings accounts.

Besides, the prosecution alleges that Primrose also used the money transferred into her company’s bank account to buy bulk cooking oil.

Primrose Mwangi held at Harare

Nyeri who runs MaffKett Private Limited Company and Primkett Travel companies is currently held at Harare and expected to face the Court over fraud. Magistrate Stanford Mambanje has said that Primrose will face the court over fraud charges and for violating the conditions of her tourist visa by conducting business or working in Zimbabwe.

On the other hand, Prosper Hove and Gerald Pondai are being sort by the Zimbabwean authorities’ over theft of the government funds.

Ksh 3.7 million recovered

According to Zimdef’s website company, the National Building Society (NBS) has so far recovered Ksh 3.7 million out of the Ksh. 14.6 billion that was stolen.

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Primrose Mwangi is expected to face Harare court for the crime she committed. Follow us daily and know new stories as they come every time.



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