Susan Kihika family [photos], father, mother, brothers, and sisters

Susan Kihika is a Kenyan lawyer and politician currently serving as the Governor for Nakuru County. She is also the President of the IPU Bereau of Women parliamentarians. Ever since her inauguration ceremony, Susan Kihika family photos have gone viral on social media as many people want to know more about her.

Susan Kihika family SRC: @Famous Nakuru
Susan Kihika SRC: @Famous Nakuru

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Susan started her political career in 2013 when she vied for the Bahati Constituency parliamentary seat but lost. She then went ahead and became the Speaker of the County Assembly. Since then, Susan has ventured into politics and is now one of the most powerful politicians in Kenya.

Susan Kihika family

The elected Nakuru County Governor was born in a polygamous family as her father had more than four wives. Her mother, Alice Kihika was the second wife to the late Dickson Kimani Kihika.

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Interestingly, Susan Kihika father, the late Dickson Kihika was a politician who served as the Member of Parliament during Moi’s era. This explains why Susan is also doing very well in politics.

In an interview, Susan revealed that she has 40 siblings, including her stepsisters and brothers. She also stated that her father’s death resulted to family disputes as he left her a big share to inherit.

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Susan Kihika father

The late Dickson Kimani Kihika is the father to the Nakuru Governor, Susan Kihika. He was wealthy as he owned expensive properties such as 1,000 acres of land in Njoro, 50-acre parcel of land in Engashura, Bahati, 1,000 acres in Laikipia County, three plots in Naivasha and one in Nairobi valued at Ksh100 million.

Susan Kihika family SRC: @The Standard
Susan Kihika father, the late Dickson Kihika SRC: @The Standard

Before his death in 2004, the former Nakuru North Mp left a Will, stating that Susan should inherit a lion share of his 600 million estate. He always described her as a good girl as she was his favourite. “This is the girl I love most. She did me good in America,” read the document.

Susan Kihika mother

Susan’s mother, Alice Kihika is the second wife to the late Kimani Kihika. She gave birth to a number of children with Susan being her second born child.

In her social media post, Susan posted a picture with her gorgeous mother, thanking her for everything. Who are Susan Kihika siblings?

Susan Kihika posing for a photo with her mother and one of her daughters SRC: @Tuko

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Susan Kihika sisters and brothers

The celebrated Kenyan politician has 40 siblings, some of which are late now. In another interview, Susan disclosed that her family dispute is due the larger share she inherited from her father. Susan Kihika sisters and stepsisters include; Peris Njoki and Caroline Kihika. How old is Susan Kihika?

Two of Susan Kihika's step sisters SRC: @YouTube
Two of Susan Kihika’s step sisters SRC: @YouTube

Susan Kihika age

Kihika was born to her late father Dickson Kimani Kihika and Alice Kihika in 1974. She is therefore 50 years old as of 2024.

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Susan Kihika family members are now on the spot after Susan was elected as the new Governor for Nakuru County. Follow us daily and know exciting stories as they emerge.



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