Meet the woman from Mali who gave birth to 9 babies

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Cases of women giving birth to more than two babies a time are rare in the world. However, the few who manage are always kept in history. Multiple births usually result from fertilization of a single egg splitting to create identical fetuses or fertilization of many eggs, which create fraternal fetuses. See the woman from Mali who gave birth to 9 babies below.

woman in Mali who gave birth to 9 babies SRC: @TUKO
Halima Cisse with doctors after the caesarian operation SRC: @TUKO

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Multiple births are always named according to the number of offspring given birth to. What then are 9 babies born at once called?

The woman from Mali who gave birth to 9 babies

A 25-year-old woman has surprised many after giving birth to 9 babies. This is because she broke the history as the first woman ever to give birth to such a great number of babies in Mali. According to the Ministry of Health Mali, Halima Cisse gave birth to five girls and four boys on Tuesday May 4, 2020, in Morocco through caesarian section. This was contrary to the ultra sound result that showed she had 7 babies in her stomach.

SRC: @Twitter

Halima was in the hands of Bamako doctors for two weeks after which the interim Mali President, Bah Ndaw, ordered her to be transferred to Morocco for a specialized care. According to the Minister of Health Mali, Fanta Siby, Halima and her newly born babies are doing well. The happy mother will stay in Morocco for a number of weeks before she leaves to her country.

Halima’s birth news have amazed the netizens, as she has joined the few mothers with nonuplets in the world. What a blessed Africa!

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