Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi biography, tribe, age, family, wife, children, political career and net worth 2023

Musalia Mudavadi is a veteran Kenyan politician with years of experience in national governance. He is an influential Luhya community spokesman with a firm grip on power. Let’s discuss Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi biography with a closer look on his family and political roadmap.

Musalia Mudavadi biography SRC: @YouTube Cover
Musalia Mudavadi the former Deputy Prime Minister Kenya SRC: @YouTube Cover

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A clean legacy in leadership is what sets Musalia Mudavadi apart from the rest. A man of his calibre is certainly a big wig within the deep state. His fire started in 2012 following a prompt resignation from the Orange Democratic Movement. He is lately focusing on Amani National Congress politics and its allied parties.

Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi profile

Real names:                 Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi

Date of birth:              September 21, 1960

Place of birth:              Sabatia, Vihiga district

Musalia Mudavadi age: 61 years

Ethnicity:                    Luhya

County:                       Vihiga County

Occupation:                 Politician, businessman

Musalia Mudavadi wife: Tessie Shangatti

Relationship status: Married

Musalia Mudavadi children: 3

Musalia Mudavadi biography

The long-time ANC leader is a talk of the nation following a recent pronunciation of a political earthquake. He has since displayed a strong inclination to DP William Ruto than Uhuru and Raila combined.

Musalia Mudavadi biography SRC: @Tuko
Musalia Mudavadi SRC: @Tuko

What is Musalia Mudavadi age?

Born in 1960, Wickliffe Musalia Mudavadi is 61 years as of 2022: He will be celebrating his 62nd birthday on September 21st.

Musalia Mudavadi who entered politics at a young age is at the prime of his career.

Who is Musalia Mudavadi?

Mudavadi is of the Luhya community from the Maragoli sub-tribe. The people of western Kenya look up to him for representation at the national level.

Insider sources say that Mudavadi is a believer in the little known Quaker faith in which taking oath into office is a religious offence.

Musalia Mudavadi education background

ANC leader attended Nairobi Primary school and later Nairobi School for his A-levels.

Upon completing secondary education, Mudavadi enrolled at the University of Nairobi for a bachelors’ degree in Arts, Land Economics.

Thereafter, Mudavadi enrolled for a Masters’ Degree in Land economics at UoN.

Musalia Mudavadi family history

Who is Musalia Mudavadi wife? ANC leader Mudavadi is a happily married man away from heated politics. He met his beautiful spouse Tessie Shangatti in 1990. It is now about 32 years and they are still a lovely couple.

Mudavadi with his wife Tessie SRC: @Kenyans.co.ke
Mudavadi with his wife Tessie SRC: @Kenyans.co.ke

Musalia Mudavadi children

The presidential aspirant and his wife Tessie are proud parents of three adorable children

 – Moses Mudavadi, Michael Mudavadi, and Maryanne Mudavadi.

Musalia, his wife and their three children posing for a photo SRC: @KDRTV
Musalia, his wife and their three children posing for a photo SRC: @KDRTV

The political career of Musalia Mudavadi

Mudavadi joined mainstream politics in 1989 following the fateful death of his politically grounded father.

He would remain a Member of Parliament until 2002 when President Mwai Kibaki picked him for the role of a Vice President.

Musalia posing for a photo with William Ruto SRC: @The Standard
Musalia posing for a photo with William Ruto SRC: @The Standard

In 2007, Mudavadi received an appointment as a deputy Prime Minister. At the same time, he was Minister of the Local Government.

In 2015, Mudavadi coined the Amani National Congress with a dream of becoming president in 2017.

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi net worth

Mudavadi belongs on the list of richest people in Kenya. He has amassed much of his wealth through positions of power and aggressive business investments.

So far, the net worth of Musalia Mudavadi is about Ksh. 4 billion Its resulting splendour is a parade of posh estates and a fleet of heavy machines.

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Musalia Mudavadi biography summarises his political journey since 1989. It also highlights a successful businessman with presidential ambitions.



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