Nairobi County:4 people shot near Buruburu police station

On Sunday night, the residents of Nairobi County, Buruburu Phase 5 Estate heard gunfire and found out later that four people had died. According to locals, the four men were shot and killed, and their car was showered with bullets, just before three in the morning.

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According to reports, one resident’s vehicle was also damaged, and he was left to foot the bill.

“At around 2.30 am, I received a call and I was told that my car had been shot at. I went to inspect and saw it had been damaged by bullets,” the owner said.

4 people shot near Buruburu police station in Nairobi County

The dead were allegedly being driven by armed men in a Toyota Prado when they opened fire on them while they were in a Suzuki Swift. Locals flocked to the scene to learn what had happened before police arrived.  At this point, they discovered the bodies, covered in pools of blood, sprawled out on the ground close to the car.

After the police arrived, they discovered that the deceased’s car contained two daggers and an identity card. The bodies were then moved to City Mortuary for identification.

One of the locals narrates

The driver was shot in the head, killing him in his seat and causing his upper body to fall onto the passenger seat, symbolizing the violent nature of the crime. It looked like the man in the front passenger seat tried to get out before he got shot in the head.

The others, who appeared to have tried to run away as well, were shot. Their bodies were found near the car, their doors ajar, lying next to each other.

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The witnesses prevented anyone trying to enter the scene while they waited for the police to show up, especially those who seemed to have plans to gather objects from the car and come into contact with the bodies.

Some Kenyans, however, were incensed at the police’s sluggish handling of the situation and questioned why the bodies remained at the scene hours after the shooting.



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