Putin addressing sanctions on Russia

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It is now about two weeks since Russian President Vladimir Putin descended on Ukraine with full force military. His disputed attack continues to make headlines amid power struggles with the west. Putin addressing sanctions on Russia is among the latest developments.

Putin addressing sanctions on Russia SRC: @BBC
Russian President, Putin Vladimir SRC: @BBC

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Ukrainian allies have promised to stand against Russia as long as the war is ongoing. In his defence, Putin feels that imposing sanctions on his government is equivalent to a declaration of war. “But thank God it has not come to that,” he said.

What sanctions are being imposed on Russia?

Sanctions on Russia include penalties for its aggressive behaviour against the Ukrainian government.

Most of the sanctions pronounced by the United States and the United Kingdom seeks to weaken the Russian Economy and its powers.

More so, these limitations are seeking to lessen the global influence of President Putin.

What are EU and US sanctions on Russia? The European Union sanctioned 27 influential Russian people, companies, and banks from accessing its capital markets.

The limitation not only denies access to cash in EU Banks but also prohibit all forms of trade relations.

President Putin while addressing sanctions on Russia SRC: @The Telegraph
President Putin while addressing sanctions on Russia SRC: @The Telegraph

On the other hand, The United States is determined to frustrate Russia’s ability to fund military operations in Ukraine.

As a result, Swift International Payment Systems, Zara, Paypal, and Samsung have ceased operations in Russia.

On top of that, leaders of the free world have promised to act ruthlessly against Putin if he continues to tickle global peace.

Putin addressing sanctions on Russia

Speaking at the Aeroflot Training Centre near Moscow, President Putin justified the Ukrainian war to a group of women flight attendants.

He insisted that the war is a form of defending Russian speaking communities, “demilitarisation and de-Nazification”.

President Putin refuted claims that his troops were failing. He said, “Our army will fulfil all the tasks. I don’t doubt that at all. Everything is going to plan.”

The Russian head of state added that Russia would interpret any attempt to impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine as a declaration of war.

On his side, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky feels that NATO should have approved the no-fly zone mandate.

Instead, NATO chose to back down because it was perceived as an escalation of the ongoing tension between the two states.

President Putin Speech

In his speech, President Putin maintained that he is not planning to declare martial law in Russia as alleged by western powers.

Putin’s remarks come within days of meeting Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for a three-hour discussion on the fate of the ongoing war.

PM Bennet allied to the US government also enjoys close relations with the Russian government; perhaps he was trying to act as a mediator.

In other news, the death toll continues to rise amid frequent bombing and destruction of properties.

Among the most affected groups are children and women struggling to flee Ukraine. Tourists and international students remain trapped in various cities with peaking military chaos.

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It is still uncertain how much Russia will suffer from the cessation of US Dollar transactions, energy export, and importation of high tech systems. All the same, the confidence of Putin addressing sanctions on Russia remains the same.



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