MP Babu Owino advises Kenyans to demand for Housing Levy refund

The MP for Embakasi East constituency has today on November 29 advised Kenyans to go for a Housing Levy refund in State House. This comes a day after the Justices; David Majanja, Christine Meoli, and Lawrence Mugambi claimed that the practice was unconstitutional.

Housing Levy refund SRC: @The Star
MP Embakasi East Constituency Babu Owino SRC: @The Star

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Babu Owino criticized the government for taking unlawfully large housing levies out of Kenyans’ salaries without their consent.

Babu Owino advises Kenyans to demonstrate to get Housing Levy refund

The MP went ahead and urged Kenyans to demonstrate in front of State House and demand that the money that had been withheld be returned. The MP for Embakasi East, Babu Owino, commended the court for declaring the Housing Levy unconstitutional.

The Kenya Revenue Authority was not authorized to collect the money, and the High Court ruled on Tuesday, November 28, that the levy deduction from Kenyans was unconstitutional.

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Babu Owino speaks at Milimani Law Courts

Speaking at the Milimani Law Courts premises just after the historic decision that forced President William Ruto’s administration to start over from scratch, Babu stated that the government has a duty to return the funds that had been improperly withheld.

“The courts have agreed that the Housing Levy was forced on Kenyans, which is unconstitutional. I want to thank the judiciary on this one. I want to say that the government was stealing hard-earned money from Kenyans. This is theft by pen,” Owino said.

He also urged every Kenyan who was affected by the levy introduced by the Finance Act 2023 to demand a refund from the government while the court ruling was still in effect. Owino added that since the president had signed the Act enforcing the housing levy deductions, he would lead Kenyans to the State House to demand a refund.

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“I want to urge Kenyans to go to State House and demand their money now that the decision is still hot. We strike while the iron is still hot. We don’t care where the money will come from, but we must demand it from State House,” the MP added.



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