Wakili Charles Ogero John, Incoming TUMSA Secretary General – Biofacts

As the Technical University of Mombasa gears up for the highly anticipated TUMSA elections 2023/2024, Wakili Charles Ogero is one of the leaders to watch closely. Wakili is vying for the coveted position of Secretary General under the banner of the Infinite Alliance with the resounding support of the TUM Mwanyagentinge Community. But how well do you know Wakili?

Photo: Wakili Charles Ogero John, Incoming TUMSA Secretary General . SRC:@KenyanMovesKe

The Technical University of Mombasa is set to hold its physical elections after a previous series of online elections.TUMSA elections for the 2023/2024 academic year shall take place on Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December 2023 for the Delegates/Congress and executive positions respectively.

Who is Charles Ogero?

Wakili Charles was born on August 24, 2001, in Nyamira-Ikonge, and hails from the vibrant Kisii tribe.

His journey into leadership began at Onjiko Boys High School, where he served as the Deputy President of the school.

Following his high school graduation, Ogero pursued a part-time Diploma in Law at the University of Nairobi (earning him the title “Wakili,”) before transitioning to the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM).

Currently in his third year, he is undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at TUM.

Involvement in Student Politics

Ogero’s foray into student politics commenced early during his first year at TUM. He contested for a delegate post under the TAA government and emerged victorious.  

Subsequently, he was nominated to the congress in his second year.

In the academic year 2022-2023, Ogero rose to new heights as part of the secretariat of the Supreme government and was later nominated as the Chief Secretary of the TUMSA union.

Presently, Ogero is vying for the Technical University of Mombasa Student Union executive position under the Infinite Alliance (TIA), aspiring to serve as the Secretary-General.

The Infinite Alliance (TIA) Generals

  • President – Chrisbone Chilli
  • Deputy president – Susan Mabonga
  • Secretary General – Charles Ogero
  • Secretary & coordinator to the council – Margaret Githaiga
  • Finance Secretary – Njeri Kimaru
  • Academics and External Affairs – Raphael Odeto
  • Sports and Entertainment Secretary – Dancun Mutwiri
  • Gender and Special Needs Secretary – Janet Enosi

Among the main agendas, TIA is promising TUM comrades is to:

  • Build a modern STC
  • Bring back the mess
  • Renovate and upgrade accommodation facilities, and also
  • Enhance student welfare

The Infinite Alliance (TIA) led by its able President Chrisbone Chilli is closely followed by the United Comrades Alliance (UCA) led by “the Beast” in what is believed to be now a two-horse race.

Business & hobbies

Wakili Charles Ogero John, Incoming TUMSA Secretary General
Photo: Wakili Charles Ogero John, Incoming TUMSA Secretary General . SRC:@KenyanMovesKe

Beyond politics, Ogero is a budding entrepreneur. 

In addition, he is a well-rounded individual with diverse interests. His hobbies, include travelling, playing football, and watching movies.

As the TUMSA elections for the 2023/2024 academic year approach, Wakili Charles Ogero definitely stands out as a dynamic leader and a commitment to positive change within the university community.

Watch closely as this rising force aims to leave a lasting mark on the Technical University of Mombasa.

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